Hello & Welcome to my Website!

My name is Nicole and I was born and raised in Switzerland. After finishing my MSc in Biology, I moved to Summerland in 2005, which lies in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. My husband and I live on an acreage where we keep a flock of chickens and grow our own vegetables.

In my spare time I like to go camping, canoeing and being outdoors, and spending time with our chickens, but I also like to travel to foreign countries and explore new places. The world is such a beautiful place and there is so much do discover! As a kid and teenager, I had the privilege to travel quite a bit in Europe with my family. All of that has sparked my passion for photography early on. There is so much beauty around us that I like to capture it for others to see and experience!

Whenever I go out my camera comes with me. You never know what you might encounter around the next corner…

I’m mostly self taught, but I also went to photography workshops to learn from other experienced professional photographers. And there is always more to learn.

I think I’ve always had an aptitude for photography. But it hasn’t been since recently when my husband gave me a professional camera, a Nikon DX 7200, for Christmas that my desire to turn my hobby into a business ignited.

Check out the website so you can see for yourself. I do greeting cards and wall pictures in any size desirable and I also make unique frames out of recycled barn wood.